Top 8 Custom Truck Builds of 2017

Posted: December 11, 2017 | Category: Buying a Work Truck,Custom Truck Packages

Of all the things we do at Work Truck West, we really love to build custom work truck packages for our customers. We build many different types of custom work truck packages including mechanic service truck bodies, landscape truck bodies, flat deck truck and more.  2017 was yet another stellar year filled with a variety of unique and completely custom work truck builds in our brand new facility in Langley, BC.

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Congratulations to the winner of our Top Custom Truck Build of 2017….

The Black Ford Mechanics Service Truck with 39% of the votes! This bad boy features an IMT Dominator 1 11′ steel mechanics service body, 40 CFM air compressor, 5,000 lb telescopic crane, and an arsenal of accessories and upgrades.

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ford black service truck

Check out the rest of the list of our Top Build of 2017 candidates below!

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ram service truck

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ford municipal service truck

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ford snow ice truck

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ram dumping deck truck

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ram dump truck

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ford welding deck

Top-Builds-of-2017-email-content Ford silver service truck

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