Clear the streets this winter with your own snow and ice truck.

Winter is always just around the corner, is your fleet prepared for the snowy roads this season? Hit the ground running with Fisher® snow and ice equipment for your new work truck package. Fisher snow and ice control products offer exceptional quality and reliability for snow and ice removal, whether you need it all season long or for the occasional cleanup. We have access to the full Fisher product line, and can provide solutions for your specific fleet needs. Plus, we service what we sell with fast turnaround times and high quality results.

We also have access to the full line of Western Snowplows and Sanders, contact us for details.

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  • Straight Blade Snowplows
    • HC Series
    • SD Series
    • HT Series
    • HD2
    • XBlade
    • HDX
    • HS Compact
  • V-Blade Snowplows
    • XtremeV
    • XV2
    • XLS Winged Plow
  • Off-Road Snowplows
    • XRS Skid Steer Plows

img_6786Fisher Sanders

Work Truck West carries the full line of Fisher’s advanced ice control solutions in both hopper and tailgate configurations.

  • STEEL-CASTER Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader
  • POLY-CASTER Hopper Spreader
  • SPEED-CASTER Tailgate Spreader
  • LOW PROFILE Tailgate Spreader

New Pre-Wet System!

Pre-wet material with a brine solution just before it hits the spinner for faster melt time and better control.


The new Fisher® pre-wet system accessory allows the operator to pre-wet material with a brine solution just before it hits the spinner. This provides two distinct advantages over dry application. Pre-wetting salt begins a chemical reaction in the salt, which accelerates melting. Pre-wet granules also bounce less when hitting the pavement for greater control. Studies have proven application rates can be reduced by 20-30% when pre-wetting salt with liquids. Improved material efficiency saves time and money.

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