Complement your Truck Package with Snow and Ice Equipment

Winter is always just around the corner, Is your fleet prepared for the snowy roads this season? Hit the ground running with Fisher® Snow and Ice Equipment. Fisher snow and ice control products offer exceptional quality and reliability for snow and ice removal, whether you need it all season long or for the occasional cleanup. We have access to the full Fisher product line and can provide solutions for your specific fleet needs. Plus, we service what we sell with fast turnaround times and high-quality results.

We have access to the full line of Western Snowplows and Sanders, contact us for details.

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Work Truck West has recently become an Official Dealer of Camion® Snow and Ice Control Equipment! Camion uses Liquid Brine instead of the traditional Rock Salt for Snow & Ice Removal. There are many benefits of using liquid de-icing agents such as accurate & even application, the liquid stays in place, works faster, is more cost-effective, and is easier to handle.

We also have access to the full line of Camion products, contact us for details.

Work Truck Body

Fisher Snowplows

  • Straight Blade Snowplows    V-Blade Snowplows    STORM BOXX Pusher Snowplow [NEW]        
    • HS | HT Series                       – XtremeV                    – With Trace Edge Technology
    • HD2                                         – XV2
    • HDX                                         – EZ-V
    • SD Series                                – XLS Winged Snowplow
    • HC Series

Fisher Spreaders

Work Truck West carries the full line of Fisher’s advanced snow and ice control solutions in both hopper and tailgate configurations.

  • TEMPEST -Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader [NEW]
  • STEEL-CASTER -Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader
  • POLY-CASTER -Hopper Spreader
  • SPEED-CASTER -Tailgate Spreader
  • LOW PROFILE -Tailgate Spreader

Fisher Pre-Wet System

The FISHER® pre-wet system makes better use of your inputs by activating the material just before it hits the spinner. Pre-wetting salt starts a chemical reaction that accelerates melting so you see results faster. As an added benefit, pre-wet granules bounce less, which means more of your material goes where it’s supposed to.



Walk-Behind Spreaders 

When de-icing sidewalks, you need a walk-behind salt spreader that is durable enough to withstand abuse site after site. That’s why FISHER® professional grade walk-behind spreaders feature sturdy construction and corrosion-free polyethylene.

Camion Liquid Sprayers 

The Ice Master® T-Series is purpose-built for your truck. This anti-icing and de-icing spray system is ideal for spraying liquid brine on roads, around parking lots, and building entries.

• ICE MASTER T-SERIES (For flat deck & dump truck applications. Available in electric/hydraulic/gas powered)
• ICE MASTER E-SERIES (All-electric for pickup truck applications)
• ICE MASTER® U-SERIES (For utility vehicles)
• ICE MASTER® H-SERIES (For compact tractors)

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