Flat deck trucks with cranes offer exceptional versatility when you need to move supplies around your work sites. Work Truck West carries a large inventory of ready-to-install heavy-duty flat decks that are built to last and to get the job done, and can also custom build you a deck if what we have doesn’t perfectly meet your needs.

  • Custom designed flat deck configurations
  • Underbody and behind cab storage cabinets
  • Customized crane mounts and installations specifically designed for your lifting needs.

Articulating knuckleboom cranes

ferrari crane deck truck
Articulating or knuckle boom cranes are ideal for accessing tight or hard-to-reach areas, or when you need to reach over obstacles or access an elevated work site. Work Truck West carries Ferrari articulating knuckle boom cranes.

We typically install articulating cranes on trucks with open decks for an increased range of motion.

Stiff boom cranes

crane truckStiff boom cranes are simple to install and operate. Their compact design means minimum mounting and stowage space so they can be mounted almost anywhere.

Available options include rear corner mount, rear center mount, and behind-cab mount.

Western Mule electric cranes and winches

electric cranes
Excellent options for light duty, light lifting loads, and where space is at a premium. Available up to 2,000 lb lift capacity and runs off the vehicle battery.

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