Top Custom Truck Builds of 2020 | You Voted, The Winner Is…

Posted: December 24, 2020 | Category: Custom Truck Packages

Of all the things we do at Work Truck West, we really love to build custom work truck packages for our customers. We build many different types of custom work truck packages including mechanic service truck bodies, dump truck bodieslandscape truck bodies, flat deck trucks and unique medium-duty work truck configurations for a wide array of industries. 2020 was a year unlike any other, and yet it was another incredibly busy year filled with a variety of exclusive and completely custom work truck builds in our new facility in Langley, BC.

Thank You to Everyone Who Voted for our 2020 Top Truck Builds Contest! We Hope this Year’s Countdown of Contenders Inspired Your Own Ideas for Unique and Purposeful Work Truck Packages.

We Have Crowned a Victor and Are Proud to Present To You 2020’s Official Top Truck Build, With 32% of the Votes, the Black Beast International CV515 Mechanics Service Truck!

work truck west custom work truck build 2020

Featuring a 11′ Black Steel Service Body, 6,000 lb Hydraulic Crane and Multifunction Power Unit with a Welder, Compressor, Generator, and Battery Booster, all on the innovative new International CV515 chassis. A knight in shiny black armor coming to save the day! A Well -Earned Victory Indeed! 🎇🎊🎉

And Congratulations to ??????, You’re the Lucky Winner of the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch! Thank You All for Taking the Time to Vote, We’re Already Hard at Work Building 2021’s Class of Contenders.

Check out the Full Lineup of 2020’s Contenders Below
work truck west kenworth mechanics service truck
Work Truck West Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-Yellow-Snow-Ice-Truck
Work Truck West Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-PacAtl-Lube-Truck
Work Truck West Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-Remcan-Rail-truck
Work Truck West Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-Neptune-Ford-blue-service-truck
work truck west Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-F750-dump
Work Truck West Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-Intl-Black-service-truck
Work Truck West Top-Builds-of-2020-email-content-Yellow-Sign-Truck
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