The Right Time for the Right Truck Upgrade for Regehr Contracting

Posted: September 19, 2017 | Category: Buying a Work Truck,Custom Truck Packages

From their home base in north Abbotsford, BC, Jaymie Penner and the team at Regehr Contracting are taking on some tough construction, demolition, and crushing projects, and making a name for themselves in the process. Jaymie is Regehr’s heavy-duty mechanic, servicing their on- and off-road equipment on project sites across the British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Regehr recently added the Eco-Agg Concrete Recycling division to their repertoire, offering on-site mobile crushing, trucking and bins, and crushed aggregate sales. Their expanding portfolio of assets and capabilities led Jaymie and his team to a realization in the spring of 2017…they needed a new mechanics service truck to maintain their growing fleet of equipment.

Jaymie had taken his last mechanics service truck to Work Truck West for service on his crane, air compressor, and other mounted equipment in the past. So when it came time to start shopping for a new mobile service vehicle, he started with the local source. “I shopped around a bit but ultimately chose Work Truck West as I had great experiences with them working on my last truck,” said Jaymie. “The process to design and build the truck was seamless and the fact that they are located so close to the shop made it very convenient.” Since getting the new truck on the road, Jaymie and the Regehr crew are getting daily compliments on the upgraded package. “We can take on more work and travel further to service our equipment with the new truck now. It should be a great asset as we grow the business in the coming years.”

Check out Regehr Contracting’s website or Eco-Agg’s website to see photos of their awesome projects and learn more about their company.

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