Remcan Projects On The Right Track For Sustainable Growth

Posted: February 23, 2018 | Category: Buying a Work Truck,Custom Truck Packages

With six branches across Canada, it’s easy to say that the crews at Remcan Projects have worked on their fair share of tracks clear across the country. From their head office in Langley, BC, to depot facilities as far east as Montreal, the full-service railway contracting company provides construction and maintenance services on key rail corridors from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. And they’re busier than ever across the board. In addition to track maintenance, new track and bridge construction, material handling, right of way maintenance, and signals and communication equipment installation and maintenance, Remcan crews were in demand all winter with snow removal due to a particularly heavy snowfall this year. And there’s no signs of slowing down anytime soon with their regular busy season just around the corner.

As superintendent of Mechanical & Repair Services Bruce Perret sees it, the key to managing their fleet of work trucks is consistency. “We have been partnering with Work Truck West to supply our mechanics service trucks and some of our other medium-duty flat decks for more than five years now and we`ve worked together to evolve and perfect our standardized packages over that time,” said Bruce. “The service truck bodies are built with a very high quality of workmanship so they last a long time and stand up to the elements well.” Many of Remcan’s service truck are fully loaded with hydraulic cranes, portable welder units, and specialized hi-rail gear for on-track projects.

“We feel very supported with our truck equipment,” said Bruce. “I think the after-sales service support is almost more important than the initial truck purchase process, and the Work Truck West team has been there for us every time we need them.“ With more than a dozen custom truck packages already built over the past five years, and more and more projects coming down the tracks for Remcan, the partnership looks to be on a fast track to success.

Check out Remcan Projects’ website to learn more about their services and capabilities.

Remcan Projects

– Remcan Projects’ crews installed sections of a rail bridge. They use their mechanics service truck to service and maintain their fleet of specialized equipment like this mobile crane.