Power and Functionality Unleashed: The Work Truck West 14′ F750 Mechanics Service Truck Collaboration

Posted: October 13, 2023 | Category: Custom Truck Packages,Service Trucks

We recently had the incredible opportunity to witness the sheer power and functionality of the Work Truck West 14′ F750 Mechanics Service Truck during an exciting photoshoot with VMAC and LoneTrack Equipment in Chilliwack, BC.

Some highlights of this truck are the inclusion of top-of-the-line features that enhance its capabilities. The VMAC Predatair 60 Hydraulic Compressor ensures a reliable and consistent source of compressed air, while the Black Cobra 11000 RSH Crane provides exceptional lifting power. The truck also boasts a Black 37-Gal Air Tank, a 32-Gal Hydraulic Reservoir, and a 1750W Inverter Package, making it a true powerhouse on wheels.

During the photoshoot, we witnessed firsthand how this truck tackled tasks with ease. From effortlessly lifting and moving heavy loads with the Cobra Crane to utilizing the VMAC Compressor for air tool operations, the truck proved its worth in real-world scenarios.

The collaboration between VMAC, LoneTrack Equipment, and Work Truck West has resulted in a game-changing Mechanics Service Truck that sets new standards in efficiency and effectiveness. We are thrilled to have witnessed its power and incredible capabilities firsthand.