New Work Truck Brings Opportunities for Local Landscaper

Posted: March 31, 2017 | Category: Buying a Work Truck,Landscaping Trucks

For Matt Vandenberg, the most challenging aspect of running his busy landscaping company is being able to take on new projects and opportunities that come his way. Utilizing his crew and equipment to the best of their abilities so they can take on more of the work that they want to be doing has been a major focus for Matt, owner of Vandenberg’s Landscape Design. Based in Chilliwack, BC, Matt has more than 23 years of experience in landscape design and architecture, beautifying residential and commercial properties across the Lower Mainland.

This is actually the second truck Matt has built with Work Truck West – he built a similar unit with custom cabinets and fuel tank on a Ram 3500 in 2013. This time around, he decided to add in the dumping half deck feature for added versatility and to be able to carry extra equipment to and from job sites. “We have large crews of six guys going from job to job,” said Matt. “This new truck gives us additional opportunities to put more of our crew on the ground, complete our work faster, and take on more of the work that we want to be known for doing.”

Matt and his team are busier than ever with loads of potential to grow the business in the coming years. “I love the new truck and really liked working with the team at Work Truck West to bring it all together. The first truck we built together has held up very well over the past four years, I’ll definitely be back to build our next truck when we’re ready for it.” Check out the Vandenberg’s Landscape Design website to see photos of their past projects and learn more. vanlandsdesign.com

vandenberg landscape truck