Keeping Business Blooming All Year Round

Posted: March 29, 2017 | Category: Landscaping Trucks,Snow and Ice Equipment

Anyone who has spent time on the Pacific Coast knows that the adage “when it rains, it pours” is especially accurate when describing Vancouver’s typically grey and wet winters. Lower Mainlanders were in for quite a shock this past winter though, when the region was continually hit with blast after blast of authentic, truly Canadian wintery weather. With record-breaking snow fall and lasting sub-zero temperatures, many residents were left scrambling to clear their sidewalks and driveways, most of which had transformed into treacherous icy patches over night.

Under normal circumstances, winter is a steady landscaping season for Chris Donahue and his team at The Great Canadian Landscaping Company. This time around, though, Chris had a feeling that the snow would come and stick around, bringing with it an excellent opportunity to provide a valuable service to his current landscaping customers and new snow removal clients. “This was an exceptional year for us, something we only see once every seven or eight years. We wanted to ensure we had our snow removal equipment ready the minute we needed it. The team at Work Truck West was very easy to work with and came through for us when we needed them most. They exemplify what we look for in a partner that helps us do what we need to do to meet our clients’ needs as well.”

Based in North Vancouver, BC, Chris and the team at The Great Canadian Landscaping Company are busier than ever, allocating the majority of their time to residential installation and maintenance landscaping projects across the Lower Mainland. Even though it looks like the snow has subsided for the rest of this season, Chris and his team are amped up and ready for another frosty spell come next winter. “We’re excited to open up our snow and ice service areas and create new opportunities to keep working with the same trucks we use during the rest of the year for our regular landscaping work,” said Chris. “It’s nice to have versatility built-in to our equipment and trucks, in turn it helps us to be able to serve our customers better when they need it most.”

Check out the Great Canadian Landscaping Company’s website or Facebook page to see photos of their amazing projects and learn more. Watch beautiful videos of their trucks at work on their Vimeo page! gclc.ca