Over the past decade, Work Truck West has built a name for ourselves in the tire service industry. We’ve provided top notch service and repairs on tire service trucks for Kal Tire and Fountain Tire, and we’ve grown this business to where we now supply new, fully-specced units to our customers.

Work Truck West can either supply and install compressors, cranes and other equipment to your existing vehicles, or supply the whole tire service truck complete with cabinets and service body, compressor, liftgate, crane and more. We supply and install packages on smaller pickup trucks, medium-sized service trucks, or large deck/tire crane trucks. Plus, we will always continue to service and stock parts for what we sell.

Work Truck West supplies tire service packages from IMT, as well as our own line of custom tire service trucks.


IMT Tire Service Trucks

IMT has been building cutting-edge products for the tire industry since 1961. IMT tire service trucks can handle tires on all sizes of vehicles. From small truck to the largest earthmoving and off-road tires in agriculture, transportation, construction, and mining, IMT tire service vehicles are fully integrated packages that incorporate maximum load and storage capacity, and offer a wide range of options to meet your specific needs.


Work Truck West Custom Tire Service Trucks

Want the perfect tire service truck? Go ahead and plan your perfect package and we will build it for you. Our tire service bodies are built in-house, so they can be made to your exact specifications. We can then outfit your new truck package with any crane, compressor, liftgate, or other equipment that you wish.

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