Eagle West Cranes Goes Sky High with Mobile Service

Posted: April 30, 2018 | Category: Custom Truck Packages,Service Trucks

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From the looks of the hubbub of activity in their Abbotsford, BC yard, it’s clear that the team at Eagle West Cranes is busier than ever these days. The long-serving mobile crane company is running more equipment than ever before in their 28 year history, and their service territory is expanding to meet their customers’ challenges. With more than 35 mobile cranes in service, and with projects ranging from new sky rise construction to rooftop HVAC system replacements, Eagle West Cranes crews and equipment are travelling further and further from their shop in the Fraser Valley to meet their customers’ needs. Maintenance manager Neil Andruk knew they needed to add a new mechanics truck to their fleet to be able to service and maintain their equipment once it landed on site and provide emergency repair services on an as-needed basis, especially for out-of-town projects.

Neil started his search for a new service truck and was referred to Work Truck West by his leasing partner, who had worked with the Work Truck West team on other truck packages for their clients. He collaborated with the Work Truck West sales team to customize their truck with all the mounted equipment their technicians would need to take care of their equipment on-site. “Mike and I sat down and reviewed what we needed the truck to do for our technical crew,” said Neil. “We looked through sample package photos and developed a spec that would address all of our needs.” And once the truck was completed, he was equally impressed with how smoothly the build process went. “The final product was exactly how we envisioned it from the beginning, our expectations were completely met with the end result.”

The new mechanics service truck is fully outfitted with a steel service body, 5,000 lb capacity hydraulic telescopic crane, a multifunction gas-powered all-in-one welder / compressor / generator / battery booster system, and extra tool drawers for added storage and organization. “The techs are pretty excited about the all-in-one unit on top of the truck body,” said Neil, “as some of our larger all-terrain mobile cranes have 24V batteries, they need the extra boosting power a dedicated system like that provides.” They’re also planning to use the mounted telescopic crane for lighter lifting duties around the shop whenever the truck is not in use on a customer’s site.

Check out Eagle West Cranes’ website to learn more about their services and capabilities.

eagle west cranes mechanic service truck

– Eagle West Cranes’ brand-new RAM 5500 mechanics service truck outside their shop in Abbotsford, BC