Doing More with Multi-Purpose Truck Packages in Ladysmith

Posted: November 1, 2018 | Category: Custom Truck Packages,Municipal Utility Service Trucks

Smaller municipalities across BC are getting creative when it comes to designing medium-duty work truck packages that add diversity to their fleet and meet their crew’s and community’s needs in more ways than one. Kevin Goldfuss, manager of operations for the Public Works department in Ladysmith, BC, knew he needed a multi-purpose truck package that could be used for a wide array of jobs, including assisting other departments like Road Maintenance and Utilities when needed. At Work Truck West, we carry a large variety of service trucks for sale in BC and other provinces such as Alberta and Manitoba

Kevin contacted Work Truck West as he was starting to gather ideas for what he wanted the truck to be able to do for his department and crews. “Mike at Work Truck West is a wealth of information and ideas when it comes to putting together packages that have worked well for other districts,” said Kevin. “Once we had some initial ideas in mind, we brought our staff in to review our plan and make suggestions on what they thought the truck could do for our entire team.” The cooperative planning effort resulted in one innovative and well thought out dump truck, featuring a versatile hydraulic dump and lift gate, a 3000-watt generator on a sliding tray in the backpack cabinet, a 20-gallon on-board water tank, and a 1,000 lb electric crane in the dump body for lift assistance. “The small crane and lift gate will really help our crews safely lift materials like hydraulic hand tools or pipe into the truck, and the water tank with pump system will be really handy for the road maintenance crews when it comes to dust suppression for sidewalk and asphalt cutting and coring.”

“We were very pleased with the final outcomes with this truck package,” said Kevin. “We’ve built a few other utilities trucks with Mike and the Work Truck West team in the past and really appreciated their collaborative approach to making our truck packages the best they can be. Mike has a lot of cumulative knowledge from years of helping other municipalities and figuring out what worked and what hasn’t. We’re glad to have his expertise to help navigate the planning and build process.”