Delivering in a Pinch for Redhead Equipment

Posted: February 6, 2018 | Category: Buying a Work Truck,Custom Truck Packages

With nine branch locations and a fleet of more than 45 service trucks in operation, Morley Marwick has a lot on his plate. As corporate service manager for Redhead Equipment, one of Morley’s responsibilities is to coordinate their fleet of mechanics and service trucks covering the province of Saskatchewan and servicing the equipment they sell, including Volvo and CASE off-road equipment, Mack trucks, CASE IH agricultural equipment, and several lines of transport trailers. When one of his service trucks was suddenly and unexpectedly put out of commission, Morley searched online for suitable replacements that he could get up and running as quickly as possible.

His search led him to Work Truck West and one of the stock Ram 5500 mechanics service trucks listed on their website. “The truck was already in stock and available, we asked to add some extra toolboxes and the underhood compressor,” said Morley. “We had the truck on the ground within a month of placing the order and the field technicians have really liked using it so far.” Now operating from their Estevan, Saskatchewan branch, their brand new mechanics service truck is meeting their needs and helping them ensure their customers’ machines are up and running all year long.

Check out Redhead Equipment’s website to learn more about their equipment offering and on-site repair services.