6 Most Common Work Truck Repairs in the Work Truck West Shop

Posted: October 3, 2016 | Category: Parts and Service,Work Truck Repairs

We’ve been in the business of custom work trucks and commercial truck equipment for over 40 years now. In that time, we’ve seen our fair share of common repairs and maintenance issues come through our shop doors. Whether it’s for mechanic truck bodies, landscape truck bodies or other types of custom work trucks, it’s important to ensure that truck repairs are done correctly the first time.

From under the hood to outer body, we repair, replace, and readjust your work truck and mounted equipment to get you back on the road in record time. We service and repair all types of trucks including dump trucks and landscape trucks, crane trucks, deck trucks and more. This is our definitive list of the most common fixes we handle during a typical year.

Mounted Work Truck Equipment Repair

It is, after all, what we know and do best. Compressor keeps cutting out? Intermittent crane function issues? Think you’re not getting all you should be from your mounted equipment? Bring your work truck to the Work Truck West shop for a diagnoses and service plan. We can also take care of your annual truck-mounted crane inspections and crane stability testing.

Work truck repairs from Work Truck West

Truck Body Repairs

Truck body repairs are something we see a lot of at Work Truck West. With all that heavy lifting in rugged conditions, your work truck is bound to get the odd bruise from time-to-time. From weathered paint and areas of rust and corrosion to replacement aluminum doors and panels, our service technicians repair or replace damaged panels, shelving, or bumpers and prepare them for sandblasting and repainting. We also handle ICBC repairs for work trucks and mounted equipment.

Work truck repairs before and after

before and after images of work truck repairs


custom work truck repairs


Dried, Cracked, or Worn Out Hoses

Weathered and cracked oil, air, and hydraulic hoses and lines are potentially hazardous to your truck equipment over time. Hoses that run over temperature are liable to cause wiring damage and melt electrical components, and before long, the heat shield will begin to disintegrate. To prevent future damage, our technicians insulate high risk hoses with high-heat shrink wrap and loom to prevent overheating.

Repairing hoses on a work truck


Leaky Roof or Truck Body Panels

Spaces and equipment that are designed to let air escape your vehicle are also common problem areas that typically allow water in to your vehicle. Seals around roof hatches, air vents, and lighting fixtures can all fail over time.

Servicing a work truck leak


Insufficient Hydraulic Flow

If you suspect you’re not getting the maximum hydraulic flow to your mounted equipment, your PTO or clutch pump could be the culprit. We specialize in mechanical diagnosing and repair of transmission-driven PTO’s, engine-driven clutch pumps, and hydraulic power systems.

Work truck being repaired on in the shop


Electrical and Wiring Issues

With custom service trucks, exposure to the elements could mean trouble for your electrical systems. Moisture, friction, and poor connections can lead to intermittent or non-functioning lighting, equipment controls, and safety systems. Our technicians are ready to test, diagnose, and repair all sorts of electrical and wiring issues on your truck. Replacement work truck parts are readily available so you can get back to work without the wait.

If you are in need of service and parts for your work truck, please contact Work Truck West today!