Clearing the Way for Growth with Clusko Logging

Posted: July 25, 2018 | Category: Custom Truck Packages,Service Trucks

From the home base in Clearwater, BC, Jared Bremner surveys the crew assignments and prepares for another busy week in the heart of BC’s booming forestry region. As operations manager for Clusko Logging, Jared oversees harvesting operations for at least two sites that are continually running in northern BC, outfitted with around 20 ground crew and 12 logging truck drivers. The sites are located anywhere from an hour to three hours drive away from home base, separated by hundreds of kilometers of gravel forestry service roads and treacherous steep terrain. With dozens of pieces of harvesting equipment working in the field at any given time, Jared and his team needed to ensure his field mechanics had the tools they required to repair down equipment no matter where it may be needed.

“Our old work truck was getting out dated and tired to adequately service our equipment in the field,” said Jared. “It had no oil recovery system and a clapped-out crane. The mounted tools were getting tired which made servicing in the field hard on our technical staff and we knew that we needed to look at a new truck solution this year to make our operations run more efficiently.” Jared started researching new service trucks online and found Work Truck West. After hashing out the specifications and mounted equipment requirements in the first phone call, Jared narrowed down his options with his team and decided to visit the new Work Truck West shop facility in Langley, BC on their way through town while the truck was being built. “We were very impressed with the new facility. It’s apparent that the team at Work Truck West takes a lot of pride in the quality of trucks they build and it shows as soon as you walk through their door.”

Jared and his crew mechanics are excited to get the new truck outfitted with their tools and start using it on their sites very soon. The new Ford F550 4×4 mechanics service truck is fully outfitted with a steel service body, 5,000 lb capacity hydraulic telescopic crane, a 40 CFM air compressor, a waste oil recovery system, and extra tool drawers for added storage and organization. “We were very impressed by the whole process of getting into the new truck,” said Jared. “From the initial conversation determining what we needed it to do for us, through the whole build process, to picking it up when it was promised, it was easy to get the truck we needed to help make our company run smoothly and more efficiently.”

clusko logging mechanics service truck

– Clusko Logging’s brand-new Ford F550 mechanics service truck ready to service some of their logging equipment at one of their harvesting sites in BC’s Interior Region.